County Departments and Services

Anson County Sheriff's Office


119 N. Washington St.
Wadesboro, NC 28170

The Anson County Sheriff's Office is committed to the fair and impartial enforcement of the laws; seeking to not only reduce crime but the fear of crime as well; treating each personal contact with the utmost importance and respect; and by dealing with the citizens openly and honestly in an effort to earn and maintain the trust of the general public.

We will strive for the highest degree of integrity and professionalism at every level making certain we lead by example, holding ourselves to a higher standard of accountability than the general public.

We will seek to employ persons of the highest caliber who are interested in serving the public; we will provide the most effective training possible for our employees, and create an environment to develop their skill potential to the fullest.

As a public service agency, we will streamline and remove barriers that are typical of inaccessible bureaucracies and will seek to fortify the public trust from which our authority is derived.

Sheriff Tommy W. Allen Jr.